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Ad asks, what's the real value of a PS3? 614.98


Your PS3 can do a lot of things. You know that, but does the average consumer know that? Sony Europe is displaying a new ad in retail stores in order to better illustrate the value of the PS3. They break down various components, such as the PS3's ability to play MP3s, DVDs, Blu-ray movies, and more. Interestingly, they come to the conclusion that if everything a PS3 can do was purchased separately, it would cost a whopping £614.98. When you look at the £299 price tag the PS3 currently carries, it certainly seems like a deal, doesn't it?

We think this is an effective way of representing the PS3's versatile capabilities. However, does it come off as a bit snobbish? Do you think this ad will be effective in convincing consumers to get a PS3?

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