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Greenpeace targets game industry


After gaining some traction by calling Nintendo out a couple weeks ago for being a massive environmental offender, eco-terrorist environmentally conscious group Greenpeace is calling for reforms across the game industry. Greenpeace says that console manufacturers are "lagging way behind" mobile phone and PC makers in reducing their "toxic load" in the last year. The group goes on to say that game consoles have many of the same parts as PCs, meaning the manufacturers can do "a lot more."

The console manufacturers have yet to respond to the Greenpeace allegations. The campaign gives a list of toxic materials used in manufacturing and introduces issues such as Chinese and Indian workers in production facilities facing risk of exposure to chemicals. Greenpeace has also created a 90-second video aimed at gamers in which iconic characters compete for greener consoles -- when we find an embeddable version we'll place it after the break for those ethically opposed to giving Greenpeace traffic.

[Thanks Ron for finding the vid]

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