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Make your S60 device do your bidding remotely with PC Phone

Chris Ziegler

Initial feedback seems to be overwhelmingly negative, but have hope -- Nokia's Beta Labs is all about getting dirty, cobbled-together implementations of cool ideas out into the public's hands before a final release, so we suppose we've got to keep that in perspective here. Anyway, PC Phone is a brand new joint from Nokia that plugs into Firefox on your desktop PC (we're hearing Internet Explorer will soon be supported, too) and allows you to access your compatible phone's phone, messaging, and address book functions remotely. It seems that it works about as well as an early-build Sidekick Slide at the moment, though, with rampant errors and incompatibilities holding it back from actually serving any useful function; let's hope the good folks over at Beta Labs get 'er patched up right quick, because frankly, we're really tired of taking our hands off the keyboard when we need to dial a number.

[Via All About Symbian]

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