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Motorstorm gets patched to 3.1

Justin McElroy

We've got to admit it: We've been really impressed by the level of support that Motorstom has received. If our calculations are correct, it's already gotten 846 patches, and it shows no signs of slowing. The latest patch (released yesterday) brings the game to version 3.1. It's like an operating platform at this point, we're just waiting to get our hands on Motorstorm XP.

Most excitingly, all of the levels in the game can now be reversed, which should provide some interesting challenges. Also, in this version the vehicle selection screen is a bit quicker thanks to a 2D grid view (the old 3D is still there if you prefer). There are also two new audio tracks. While the changes may not exactly be earth-shattering, they represent a level of long-term support from Evolution Studios that puts most devs to shame.

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