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Nintendo declares DS sales victory for 2007


With 20 days left before the Vogon construction fleet end us the end of 2007, Nintendo announced the Nintendo DS is the top-selling video game system of the year with 6 million sold in the US. According to the company's calculations, that's one sold every five seconds. In one of his last quotes as part of Nintendo, Bermuda-bound Nintendo exec. George Harrison says the success of the handheld is its appeal to core and casual gamers. He says the DS's momentum will continue to propel the company in 2008. According to Nintendo, the DS has increased sales in the US every year since its launch in Nov. 04.

Just to give a little perspective to how important the holiday season is to the industry, if the DS sold 6 million units this year, then it made 10% of those sales during Thanksgiving week. NPD data is expected this Thursday for the month of November and the numbers should be big. If the last few months have been any indication, it's going to be a good holiday for the industry in general.

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