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PSP gains DVR and internet radio functionality in firmware 3.80


On December 18th, PSP firmware 3.80 will be released in Japan with two new highly desirable features. First is digital video recording capabilities, made possible with the new Japan-only 1seg peripheral. With firmware 3.80, it will be possible to record television shows from the 1seg peripheral directly onto the Memory Stick for later viewing.

Internet radio will also be added in the next firmware upgrade. Exactly how the service will work is unclear at this time. [Update: Images have surfaced on Watch Impress' website.]

DVR is a huge feature that unfortunately isn't possible outside of Japan unless appropriate peripherals are released globally. However, internet radio is hopefully something all PSP users around the world will be able to take advantage of. Once again, PSP is expanding its capabilities, becoming more features-packed than anyone could've predicted.

[Via I4U]

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