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Women in Games: Pinckard, Tory talk about industry, Jade Raymond

Ross Miller

Continuing in her series on women working in the games industry (it began with her interview with Morgan Webb), MTV's Tracey John talks to Game Girl Advance creator Jane Pinckard and Assassin's Creed developer Elspeth Tory on their experiences, as well as addressing the controversy surrounding AC designer Jade Raymond. Their verdict on the industry is that it still has a lot of maturation to do, especially when it comes to the working environment. Both Pinckard and Tory share their own anecdotes that would be amusing if not a discouraging testament to how male-dominated the industry continues to be.

In discussing Raymond, a designer whose intelligence and skills have been largely questioned because of her looks (we've read many comments that accuse her of merely being a "pretty figurehead" for the game), both decreed the issue frustrating. "She is genetically, accidentally blessed with a combination of smarts and ambition and looks that our culture happens to find attractive, and that's not her fault," said Pinckard.

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