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Demo-rama: Frontlines, Burnout Paradise samples are Live

Justin McElroy

Falling just a bit behind "Nudie Magazine Day", new demo day has to be one of the best holidays that the federal government has yet to recognize. What makes it even better is the rarely seen "two-fer," which is what we've got on our hands today, with Burnout Paradise and Frontlines: Fuel of War samples both landing squarely in the center of Xbox Live.

We've heard nothing but positive buzz about Burnout, but we're a little unsure what to expect from Frontlines. So far, commenters on Major Nelson's blog have been less than kind, calling the demo "really bad", "bad, very bad" and "a bit rubbish." But hey, that's why demos are free, so you can try them guilt-free. Don't let the internet decide for you! ... Unless, of course, you're a silver member.

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