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Google Zeitgeist 07 ranks console searches

Billions of searches every year, and at the end of each year, we're rewarded with Google Zeitgeist, "the aggregation of billions of search queries people conducted on Google." Naturally, our attention is turned towards the gaming section, prominently displayed atop the "All the Rage" tab.

All we've got to go on is the above chart, which tells us what exactly? Notably, that the Xbox 360 was the dominant console search term for 2007, only eclipsed by the Wii (and how!) once the holiday shopping season got started (check out November's US sales numbers here). And that the PS3 has been woefully ignored by millions of Google-goers. But you know what, we're left curious about the DS and PSP numbers. What gives, Google?

[Update: Fascinating follow-up work by commenter 3cubed minus 3squared plus1 who points us to this Google Trends page, adding search values for "PS3" and "PlayStation3" along with "Xbox 360" and "Xbox360". Evidently, things aren't as crystal clear as the Zeitgeist would have you believe. What gives, Google?]

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