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IBM, others develop GreenCert greenhouse gas meter


It's already developed a "gas gauge" for its servers, and a greener means of recycling silicon, but IBM now looks to be taking its increasing environmental awareness to an even larger scale, with it, Enterprise Information Management, and Evergreen Energy developing a greenhouse gas meter that promises to measure the carbon output of various industries and devices, according to IDG. Dubbed GreenCert, the software employs a whole mess of IBM tools including various WebSphere applications, along with an "engine" designed by the folks at C-Lock in order to take a snapshot of a particular company's carbon footprint. It then does it's thing again after the company's taken measures to reduce its carbon emissions, giving them proof of their reductions which they can use to get carbon emission credits that can be traded on the carbon market. The software won't be available in its final form until sometime in the first half of 2008, however, but those looking to get a jump on things can apparently get a beta version from C-Lock right now.

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