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Mounted combat in Age of Conan (and Warhammer, too?)

Mike Schramm

Keen on Keen and Graev points out an interesting announced feature of Age of Conan: mounted combat. Yup, Funcom is going to put people on all kinds of different mounts (horses, rhinos, and even a wooly mammoth, seen above), and pit them against each other in PvP. And each mount will not only have its own stats (in terms of defense, HP, and manuverability), but players will able to customize their mounts (as, I'd guess on the spiked tusks above). Wild.

So, wonders someone on the Warhammer Online forums, will WAR do the same thing? Developer Marc Jacobs doesn't exactly say "no," but he does say that they promise nothing-- mounted combat is tough to get right, and Mythic isn't overextending any promises if they can manage it. Fair enough.

But wow, if AoC does everything awesome that Funcom says it will, we might have a real bit of competition on our hands. Massively will have lots more on AoC tomorrow-- stay tuned for some exclusive coverage of what might be one of the best MMOs of 2008.

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