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Rumor: Entire guild Unhallowed Triad moved from EQ2 Test Server to live

William Dobson

A thread on popular forums EQ2Flames is asserting that a guild from the EverQuest II Test Server, Unhallowed Triad, has been moved over to the live server Unrest. This is something that SOE had said would never happen, due to the doubled experience gain on Test making it unfair on live players. The poster also claims that there was a GM account in the guild that assisted them in killing things that they could not take down on their own, in order to obtain some of the best gear in the game.

This issue was taken to the official EQ2 forums, linking back to the EQ2Flames thread, and it was very quickly replied to by some SOE community representatives. Grimwell had this to say: "...we are going to need to sort this out.. and that more than likely means tomorrow since most of the company is at home. We will share more, as we can but we need fair time considering the time of the day."

The EQ2Flames thread includes pictures of some of the Unhallowed Triad's profiles on EQ2Players, which show that they have no history on Unrest prior to any leveling that has happened in the last few days. The OP says that they were at least stripped of any mythical gear before the move, which they apparently had plenty of. Scrolling down the first page of the thread, there are some screenshots of conversations with members of the guild, where they admit that they did transfer off test.

We most definitely haven't heard the last of this, but we'll have to wait and see what the response is when the SOE community representatives are able to tell us more.

[Thanks, Kendricke]

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