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Square Enix announces Final Fantasy IV sequel!


... for cell phones. In February, Square Enix will release Final Fantasy IV: The After -- Return to the Moon for FOMA 903i and better cell phones on NTT DoCoMo's network, with a release on au's phones to follow a month later. The game stars Theodore, a descendent of reformed Dark Knight Cecil, and takes place on the moon. None of the things we just said matter, because those cell phones are way more powerful than anything we've got outside Japan, and we are approximately 0% likely to see this game, ever.

Yes, it is a crime and an insult that this game is not on the DS. Like it or not, cell phones are pretty much the only mobile device that Japan has more of than DSes, and the only device for which Square Enix could farm out a cheapo sequel to a major Final Fantasy game and get away with it.

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