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The one American store with daily Wii shipments

Kyle Orland

While most stores in this country (and abroad) simply can't meet demand for the Wii this holiday season, there is one store that seems to have no problem getting the systems in stock. GameDaily reports that the Nintendo World store in New York City's Rockefeller Center gets new shipments of the Wii every morning. The GameDaily reporter says that, on two recent visits, the store had "at least 20 [Wiis] lined up behind the main counter. Just Wii boxes waiting for the next person in line."

Well, either that reporter had some good timing or the word has gotten out among New York's Nintendo fans, because WCBS Radio reports that 200 people were camped outside the store in the early morning before opening this Tuesday. One waiting New Yorker told the interviewer that she had ventured all the way out to Richmond, Va. to try and find a system. We bet Greenpeace would blame Nintendo for all the gas burned on the trip, too.

For those of you who can't quite make it to New York City, you can always try using ZapTXT to alert you the moment when your local store gets shipments. Remember: nice guys finish last, so don't be afraid to break all local traffic laws speeding to the store upon receiving word. Godspeed, good shoppers.

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