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Crysis sales in crisis; UT3 gets fragged too


Perhaps this can be considered a lesson for game developers eager to deliver tomorrow's game technology today: Crysis hit the PC market with an exoskeleton-enhanced thud. The critically praised -- but processing intensive -- title sold a disappointing 86,633 units in the States following its Nov. 13 release.

Holding hands with Crysis is Epic's Unreal Tournament 3 which sold an even more disappointing 33,995 units following its Nov. 19 release. Although not a pixel pushing monster on the level of say, oh ... Crysis, the Unreal Engine 3 game is still a beast in an already crowded genre. At the very least UT3 will make up some sales with the recently released PS3 version and the future Xbox 360 version.

We're ready for that Crysis console announcement whenever you are, EA.

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