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DirecTV customers will have to re-sign up for HD Extra pack

Ben Drawbaugh

There's been a little bit of controversy recently about DirecTV's latest HD Extra pack. In the early days of HD, DirecTV's HD programming was optional, then about a year ago they changed it, requiring every customer with a HD capable STB to pay a $10/mo HD access fee, which included all their HD channels. But now that they've added so many HD channels, they moved most of the HD only channels (those not simulcasts of SD channels, ie. UHD) to a new tier called the HD Extra pack for $5/mo extra. Now, according to Earl Bonovich of, starting yesterday customers will have to re-sign up for these channels,. The good news is that the first three months are free and includes access to; HDNet Movies, MGM HD, MHD, Smithsonian HD and Universal HD. Mysteriously missing from this list are, Food HD, HGTV HD, and HDNet.

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