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Engineers having fun: Eject! Eject!


Every once in a while, along comes an roleplaying idea that's so incredibly fun that even those who normally scoff (or worse!) at roleplayers sit up and set up new emote macros. Konge of Kargath shares this Macro of Much Merriment with fellow engineering mount drivers on the official forums:

/say No brakes, no brakes!
/say Eject! Eject!

/use X-52 Rocket Helmet

Make sure to equip your X-52 Rocket Helmet and allow for its 30-minute cool-down period, Konge reminds, and you're good to go. (And for those of you who vendored your helmet, you can ask the Chief in Area 52 for a new one.) Take note that using the helmet activates a fairly nasty little fire DoT called "To Infinity and Above!" (a reference to Buzz Lightyear's motto from the movie Toy Story). The DoT takes off about half your health in three ticks when you activate the helmet, and it affects other players around you. Use with care!

Players inspired by Konge's post have been putting their own spins on the idea, using their own lines such as "She canna take any more! Eject!" and adding time delays to the process for added effect (and even more emotes). Lots of good times to be had ... Now, if only there were such a thing as a Gnomish Fire Extinguisher!

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