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Nielsen VideoScan High-Def market share for week ending December 9th, 2007

Ben Drawbaugh

While we expect for a blockbuster title to kill when it's the only big one that week, Pirates not only outsold Superbad by almost 3:1, but it helped lead Blu-ray to the biggest win (76/24 or 3.17:1) since we've been following the Nielsen VideoScan numbers, courtesy of Home Media Magazine. Although, not even other Blu-ray titles could compete with the end of the world, HD DVD did once again manage to keep Planet Earth as it's number one title (third overall) which indicates that all the new HD DVD owners don't have it yet. Assuming that the 160k Pirates number yesterday is correct, Superbad sold 60k copies, (not too bad) and HD DVD's Earth, sold 20k copies -- some legs for a six month old title. While the blu camp will certainly be touting their dominance this week, next week will be the real indicator in the format war when both versions of the latest version of Harry Potter go head to head.

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