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Rare Yoshi edition DS Phat tests your love of Nintendo

Evan Blass

Sure, you've bought every console since the original NES, monitor forum threads religiously for any Wii bashing, and may even have a Koopa tattoo somewhere on your body, but are you enough of a fanboy to pay $500 for first-generation Nintendo DS emblazoned with a wire-frame cartoon dinosaur? Well apparently eBayer "joedick" is one such individual, whose $480 Buy-It-Now-dollars earned him one of the only 200 "Hot Summer Yoshi" edition DS Phats ever made, which were part of a larger series of six versions available only to Club Nintendo members in 2005. Congratulations, good sir -- just remember not to play with it or anything, or you won't be able to sell it for ten times what you paid a few years down the road.

[Via DS Fanboy]

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