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Stringer says PS3 games "infinitely more fun" than Wii

Jem Alexander

We love Sony - you know we do - but sometimes the company's figureheads will come out with the most ridiculous things when a microphone is pressed against their faces. We're not going to reel off a list of previous atrocities, in order to prevent some peoples' blushes (Phil Harrison and Ken Kutaragi, we're looking at you). Instead, we'll look at the latest batch of hilarious sound-bytes-in-text-form, this time from Sony CEO Howard Stringer. He suggests that PS3 games are infinitely more fun than than the Wii's.

We're perfectly happy to believe Stringer when he says this, but without clear proof (preferably on lined paper, worked out with a 2B pencil with the answer underlined) we're not going to be satisfied. PS3 and Wii games are very different, yes - but is one system more fun than the other? That's down to personal taste, surely. It's a shame, really, because everything else Stringer said in the article we've linked to below makes a decent amount of sense. Let's stay away from the "I" word from now on and we'll all be much happier.

[Via Joystiq]

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