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Wii stolen from retirement home, happy holidays everyone

Candace Savino

Ah the holidays. A time of joy, cheer, charity, and theft. Yes, theft.

We all know that senior citizens love the Wii. That's why residents of the Lilac Plaza Retirement Community home in Spokane, Washington sold some recipe books in order to make enough money to buy one for themselves. After having the system for only one month, however, someone stole it.

The seniors, who said they enjoyed the Wii because it was fun and kept them active, were worried that they wouldn't find the funds or opportunity to replace the system. Fear not, though, this story isn't a total downer. GoNintendo's own RawmeatCowboy is planning to replace the stolen system for the folks at the home. At least this sad tale will have a happy ending.

[Via GoNintendo]

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