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Exactly when did you get hooked?


Starting a new game is exciting, especially if it's one you know nothing about. When I look at the long, long list of MMOs available on the right-hand side of Massively's page, inwardly I give a little squeak of joy -- so many new experiences! I manage to forget how many of those experiences will reveal themselves as minor variations on a theme -- hack, slash, heal, quest, level up.

Yet there's something that keeps me signing up for more, in search of that elusive something that means a given title is worth investing some time in. But what, exactly, is that crucial element? What aspect of gameplay is the eye-opener? Is it the way a quest's story unfolds? Is it a particular gameplay mechanic? Is it the character customization system? Is it, for heaven's sake, the ding? Hit me with what makes you keep an account, when other games lose you.

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