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New trailers of Final Fantasy XIII, Final Fantasy XIII Versus


A new DVD release in Japan called CLOUD features new extended trailers of the upcoming Square Enix behemoths: Final Fantasy XIII and Final Fantasy XIII Versus. The trailers have been ripped off the disc and uploaded by an anonymous person going by the moniker "Xlude." It appears that these are either very similar to the trailers shown at the Closed Mega Theater at Tokyo Game Show earlier this year. (This means no one outside of Japan has been able to see this before!) [Update: Having reviewed the footage, it's clear that these trailers still don't include everything at TGS. For example, FFXIII featured an Afrika-like scene. Versus included very revealing story details. Read our TGS impressions here and here.]

Enjoy the FFXIII trailer above, and check out Versus after the cut. We're already in love with the style that permeates every second of both these trailers. These two are easily going to sell truckloads of PS3s. We can feel it.


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