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Sunday Morning Funnies: Hi Donald

Amanda Miller

It's that time again! Settle down with your favorite gaming snack and get ready to vote for the best of recent WoW-themed webcomics. As always, if you run a comic or know of one that is not featured here, drop a line in the comments section to nominate it.

  1. Allzheimers: Actually, I'm more of a mourning elf. (Snagged a WoW comic contest honorable mention)
  2. The Adventures of Disgraph T. Dwarf: On in game protests
  3. The Adventures of Blanc: Not Fair
  4. What's your game?
  5. LFG pg 104
  6. Gamer Trials
If you've done your reading, and you're ready to vote, follow through the jump and pick the comic you enjoyed the most.

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