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The lowdown on T-Mobile's BlackBerry Pearl 8120!

Chris Ziegler

We're sorry in advance if we're ruining anyone's plans to give or receive a T-Mobile branded Pearl 8100 for the holidays, but you know what they say, don't shoot the messenger. Word on the street is that T-Mob will be replacing the 8100 with the WiFi-equipped 8120 on February 18 (it could've been selling them already, but there's apparently a push to clear out the 8100s for the holidays first). The initial model will be gray and will feature a redesigned keyboard and trackball along with an external card slot -- in other words, much of the same joy Verizon, Sprint, and Alltel customers are already enjoying with the 8130 -- with the addition of Hotspot @Home support like its big sib, the Curve. Only question left is, how long until we can get a full rainbow going?

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