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Two Bosses Enter: Ragnaros vs. Ossirian


Two bosses may enter... but only one will get to leave in WoW Insider's fantasy deathmatch series. Every week we pit two of Azeroth's raid bosses against one another in a battle that your votes get to decide. This week we present Ragnaros the Firelord, coming all the way from the heart of Molten Core in Blackrock Mountain, and Ossirian the Unscarred, who's traveled from Ahn'Qiraj in the Silithus desert to participate in this match. Who wins and who loses? Ultimately, that's for you to decide -- so read on!

Ragnaros the Firelord was once a servant of the Old Gods, but at present he rules over the heart of Blackrock Mountain and answers to no one -- save the occasional raid group. Knowing he is a fire elemental, it's no surprise that Ragnaros takes down his opponents with massive fire damage. In battle, Ragnaros will use the following skills:
  • Wrath of Ragnaros: a melee-range knockback.
  • Hammer of Ragnaros: selects a random target at range and knocks everyone in the vicinity back.
  • Elemental Fire: A high-damage fire DoT that Ragnaros puts on whomever has aggro.
  • Magma Blast: If no one is in melee range, Ragnaros will do a high-damage physical attack -- enough to wipe your standard player raid.

Ossirian the Unscarred is the final boss in 20-player wing of Ahn'Qiraj -- and don't make the limited number of players involved fool you, he's a tough fight.

Ossirian starts the fight in "Supreme Mode" -- where he moves faster than an epic mount and hits harder than usual. Crystals spawn nearby him, which you can click to bring him out of Supreme Mode, and make him vulnerable to a specific type of spell damage (for a scant 45 seconds). Now, the real question -- would an NPC catch on about how to deactivate Supreme Mode, or would Ossirian simply be in Supreme Mode for the entire fight? Either way, I doubt Supreme mode would be as tough on another boss as it is on a player. His abilities are as follows:
  • Enveloping Winds: an 8s stun on the target who has aggro.
  • Tornados: Just like the real thing, these wander around once Ossirian is engaged and cause high damage to anyone caught inside.
  • Curse of Tongues: an AoE Curse of Tongues (slows casting speed).
  • Warstomp: a short-range AoE that does damage and a knockback.
Who wins and who loses in this epic battle? It's nearly time for you to to tell us, but before that, a reminder: we're considering these two bosses with approximately equal health and approximately equal damage output capabilities. We aren't making this into a math equation of who's got more health than who, so when you cast your vote, cast it on fighting style, not highest level.


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