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UK carriers ganging up on 3?

Chris Ziegler

The underdog in Britain's mobile market, 3, is accusing its larger rivals of trying to shut it out of the market to the tune of £250 million (about $500 million), taking its sob story all the way to the UK's court system. The claim revolves around a series of meetings in 2005 of the Operator Steering Group -- a group to which Vodafone, T-Mobile, Orange, O2, and 3 all belonged -- in which everyone but 3 voted to keep the nation's number transfer delay at five days, despite the fact that the process takes mere hours in other European countries. 3 claims that the larger carriers are using this excruciatingly long window to convince folks porting their numbers to 3 to stay by throwing fantastic discount packages their way. On the surface it all sounds like a plea for government help when the little guy finds itself unable to compete, but who knows, maybe there's some actual collusion going on here.


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