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Evangelion with all the weird parts taken out, and completely new weird parts added


You may know Neon Genesis Evangelion as a dense work with an inscrutable and debatable storyline built from religious, psychological, and philosophical themes. It's the giant robot anime with the completely nonsensical, abstract ending sequence. You may also know it as the source of a bunch of skeezy figurines and doujin comics. But Petit Eva is ... not those things.

Petit Eva: Evangelion @ School, is, in fact, a reimagining of Evangelion as a super-deformed high school comedy. The three Eva pilots are now students at the NERV school under principal Gendo Ikari, and have to contend with bullying from EVA-01. Yes, the robot.

Petit Eva is now being adapted into a DS game by Namco Bandai, and said game seems to be modeled after, of all things, Duck Amuck. It's a minigame collection in which events are triggered by interacting with various onscreen items. In the series of screens presented by Famitsu, Shinji and Asuka are fighting over some cake. We don't even think the cake represents unattainable happiness or anything. It's just yummy.

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