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Forum Post of the Day: Snow mans weekly

Mike Schramm

What happened to Drysc over the weekend? The man went snow crazy-- not only did all of the forum posters on the official WoW forums turn into candy canes yet again for the holidays, but the CMs also got turned into snowmen, and Drysc peppered the forums with a brand now "lol wut"-level catchphrase: "snow mans." There's snow rhyme or reason to it!

Still, as forum memes go, I laughed. Detaer from Daggerspine wrapped up all the "snow mans" into one big wrapup (which Drysc then added a "snow mans" to for an infinite snowy loop). The holidays are here again, and while a few forum posters were guessing that Drysc might have been hacked, it's much more likely that our CMs are drinking way too much egg nog. When will the frozen ice-inspired craziness end? There's just snow way to know.

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