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Pass Labs reveals $6500 INT-150 integrated amplifier

Darren Murph

Looking for a touch of class in your next stereo amplifier? If so, you needn't look much further than Pass Laboratories, which is readying a high-end integrated amp for release at CES. The INT-150 will become the firm's first integrated amplifier, and it's based heavily on the X-150.5 Stereo Amplifier. The device is rated at 150-watts-per-channel into 8-ohms or 300-watts into 4-ohms, and it can handle four RCA inputs / two balanced XLR inputs. Heck, you'll even get a remote made from machined aluminum to match the unit itself, but really, what else would you expect when laying down $6,500? Check out one more angle and a shot of the rear after the jump.

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