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That girl is Poison


Our favorite Final Fight character, beyond a doubt, is Poison. It would take something really special to outshine Mike Haggar, but Poison does. Even though she was just one of the basic grunt enemies, her hypersexualized appearance and random flipping made her memorable among the countless Axls, Dugs, and Two.P's.

Later, when we learned about Capcom's biographical information about the character, she became even more memorable. REFLECT's Masauzi Yoshizawa, a more active Poison fan, sculpted an amazing figurine of the character last year and made it available as a garage kit. Now it's being released as a preassembled, prepainted model more suitable for our useless hands, gnarled from years of unending punch combos. NCSX is selling this 1/6 scale figure for $68. OH, MY WALLET.

Oh, and of course we couldn't use the word "Poison" in a post without embedding a certain something after the break.

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