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Update on the QuickBooks situation via Intuit


A few minutes ago, Intuit posted an update on the QuickBooks community forum about the ongoing fiasco affecting QuickBooks 2006 and 2007 users. Although the root cause of the issue has not been identified, Intuit says that they believe they have resolved the problem and the update issue should not affect users who have not opened the program since Saturday afternoon. I would still recommend launching with caution, and after using the terminal command or plist edit detailed in our earlier post.

As for users who HAVE been affected by whatever this "thing" is -- here's what Intuit Community Guru Nic is saying:

...For those of you who have been affected, we are testing out options for recovering the deleted files. Our recommendation for now is to shut off your machine and do not use it further. If you continue using your computer, you may over-write the area on the disk where the deleted data is stored, preventing any recovery efforts from being effective.

If you have been affected and have lost files, and haven't already posted your contact information in the original discussion, please email your contact information to We'll get your contact information to the team that is working on this, so that you can be contacted for follow-up.

Intuit has also created a Knowledge Base article about this issue. We'll keep you updated as we get more information.

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