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Breakfast Topic: Would you play a Necromancer in WoW?

Dan O'Halloran

The Necromancer unit in Warcraft 3 is a key player in the game. Granted the ability to raise the dead by the Lich King himself, Necromancers called up armies of skeletal warriors and mages to overrun their enemies. The class is already in the game in the form of an NPC Boss in the Battle of Mount Hyjal.

Sounds neat, huh? One player is requesting that class be implemented in WoW. Predictably, Blizz CM Nethaera shot him down.

I'm not sure this class would add anything to the game that the Warlock or Death Knight don't already bring to the table. Players seem to be calling for every type of class ever introduced into Warcraft lore to be playable. But we all know how tricky class balance is, wouldn't adding more classes just make things harder for the devs?

Either way, I put it to you, faithful readers. Would you play a Necromancer class if one was implemented in the game? If so, what's the appeal that the current classes don't already offer?
EDIT: Corrected name of Death Knight class.

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