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Dojo update: Flipping out

Candace Savino

Today's dojo update introduces yet another Metroid stage. This time, though, instead of having Ridley terrify you in the background, that pleasure is given to (dun dun dunnnnnn) the Parasite Queen.

You may find the Frigate Orpheon stage to be vaguely familiar, as it's one of the spaceships that Samus infiltrates in Metroid Prime. Of course, something is bound to go wrong, like, say, the stage flipping over on you. After a siren sounds (well, at least there's a warning), you'd best prepare to have everything invert on you, since the stage will flip a full 180 degrees. With some caution and good strategy, the flip can be a nice way to pick off a scrambling enemy.

Also added today was Porky's theme from Mother 3. We think that this militaristic tune is a nice fit when it comes to beating up some folk, but maybe that's just us.



: Frigate Orpheon
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