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MMOG Podcast Roundup: Dec. 1st - Dec. 18th

Michael Zenke

Every week, hardworking Massive gaming fans put their voices on the line to bring us news, opinions, and 'critiques' of their favorite games. Podcasts are a staple of many hobbies nowadays, and fans of online worlds are especially fortunate in this regard ... there are a ton out there.

As such, every so often we'll try to update you on the podcasting world. Keep your eyes on this space for links to your favorite MMO-commentary celebs. Good and bad, straight-man or blue-mouthed, they all have something to offer about this amazing style of gameplay.

This month more than ever the podcasters have spoken ... and spoken, and spoken. The huge update today is my fault, though. Thanks to a fairly spectacular PC failure last week my productivity has gone way down; some people have problems separating their gaming and work lives - I have a problem working if I can't game!

Today's highlighted 'casts both talk about Sony Online Entertainment games - one of the exclusively. The official SOE podcast is the only thing like it in the Massive gaming space. It's not as big budget as Bungie's offering, perhaps, but it's still a fascinating look behind the scenes at one of the biggest MMOG publishers out there. Episode 27 is all about the holiday events in SOE games from the dev team perspective; holiday appropriate and intersting to boot!

The other 'cast I want to highlight almost seemed like it had gone AWOL. EQ2-Daily has been a staple of the MMOG podcasting scene for some time - their 50th episode was back in October, and we haven't heard a peep out of them since Rise of Kunark launched. But rejoice, EQ2-Daily: Episode 51 was released just a few days ago. With news about the departure of EverQuest 2's senior producer and controversy about character transfers, their insights into the game are sure to be heartily appreciated.

Check out the casts' of December, and make sure to have a great Holiday.

  • Official SOE Podcast: Episode 27. Special guests from the SWG and EQII teams join Cat Neri, Alan Crosby, and Aimee Rekoske for a holiday themed discussion.
  • EQ2-Daily: Episode 51. Impressions from the first few weeks of Rise of Kunark, Game Update #41, and the annual Christmas wish list.
  • Joystiq Podcast Roundtable: Blizzard/Activision merger. Chris Grant, Simon Carless, James Brightman, and myself sat down for a chat about the import of this late-in-the-year business bombshell.
  • WoW Insider Show: Episode 14. Arena PvP, Guild Bank robbing, and the daily quest conundrum. Episode 15. The Blizzard/Activision merger, of course. What else is there to talk about?
  • Warhamma the Podcast: Episode 7. Details on the beta re-launch, the beta updates, and tons of analysis of the latest newsletter.
  • Virgin Worlds: Episode 95. Perpetual's explosion and an analysis of our own 'Top 5 Sci-fi MMOs' feature. Episode 96. Brent creeps ever closer to episode 100 with a business-eye view of the Activision/Blizzard merger.
  • Grenade: Episode 11. The Blizzivision merger and Age of Conan info. Episode 12. The technology behind the games we play - with special guest!
  • Voyages of Vanguard: Episode 28. Guild Leader of Agony's End Benjamin De la Durantaye stops by to discuss running a guild and the third game update. Episode 29. The third update being out, Troy and Karen run down the big-picture pieces of this momentous patch.
  • Game Over: Episode 7. Do adult MMOGs have a chance in the marketplace?
  • Shut Up We're Talking: Episode 15. Scroffy bloggers get together to jaw about the ever-present grind and the hoopla about Star Trek Online.
  • Legendary Thread: 12/07/07 Episode. Arena Season 3 and the antics of that wacky moose are the main topics of discussion.
  • GuildCast: Episode 88. Shawn offers up a complete guide on the Ebon Vanguard questing experience in Eye of the North.
  • DDOcast: Episode 44. Episode 45. Episode 46. Tips and tricks from the world of Eberron fills the pronouncements from these prolific podcasters.
  • Warp Drive Activated: Episode 22. A chat with the folks who ported EVE to Mac and Linux. Episode 23. Trinity had ... just a few issues.
  • Game/On: Age of Conan Episode. The crew discusses the recent Age of Conan event out in San Francisco. As you may have heard, we were there as well and came away with some really great coverage.
  • OMG Real Life: Episode 8. The always-opinionful Brendan joins regular hosts Shawn and Jenna to offer up advice to gamers in need.
  • The Online Gamers Anthology: Episode 7. Infocom! Jonathan works out the classic gaming bug by chatting up some Leather Godesses from Phobos.
  • TabulaCast: Episode 5. Jonathan then joins Shawn for a discussion of TR's newest patch.
  • Channel Massive: Episode 19. The centerpiece of the show is a review of Garriott's Tabula Rasa.
  • Epic Dolls: Episode 14. The ladies discuss Arena Season 3... Episode 15. in-game gifts for your WoW buddies ... Episode 16. and the Winter's Veil holiday event.
  • PC Gamer: Episode 111. More on that potential moose maiming! Episode 112. A bit of a chat about Blizzard's unannounced MMOG.
  • Pet Food Alpha: Episode 77. Dancing! Episode 78. Celebrities! Episode 79. And Dynamis! Oh my!
  • The Instance: Episode 88. Like our own Mike, The Instance folks had a chance to crack into the Dell/WoW laptop. Episode 89. A discussion of the FigurePrints phenomenon.
  • World of Warcast: Episode 52. This venerable podcast returns from a break with discussion of patch 2.3. Minicast 3. They also have a discussion with Ed Fries about FigurePrints. (WoW Insider has up our own interview with the man, in case you've forgotten.)
  • Orderly Chaos: Episode 6. The good, the bad, and the ugly of beta testing.

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