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New Advance Wars images show off new COs, new belly buttons

Eric Caoili

Supplementing its latest preview of Advance Wars: Days of Ruin, GameSpot has posted over twenty screenshots, faction emblems, and commanding officer portraits for the turn-based strategy title. Among the new cast of COs are two similarly designed gothic lolitas (possibly sisters?), a nefarious scientist with watercolor stains on his labcoat, and what could possibly be Advance Wars' first black CO. Also worth noting is the leather-clad redhead who looks a lot like an older version of Sami.

The darker palette, reportedly "heavier" soundtrack, and serious expressions on the COs really reflect the series' new mature direction. -- we can't wait to see how much further away Intelligent Systems will take the game from its lighthearted roots after having killed off 90% of the world's population. You can preview the new images and COs yourself with the convenient gallery we've embedded below. As promised in our headline, there are plenty of belly buttons -- both male and female -- for you to appraise.

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[Via AWN]

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