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Peggle (finally) coming to Mac


In Peggle parlance, Popcap Games has just landed a very nice rebound shot, knocking out two hits in one day and launching us into a state of "Extreme Fever." In layman's terms, Popcap has just announced the launch of Peggle for Mac OS X, closely following the game's release on Apple's iPod music player.

Identical to the PC-version, Peggle Deluxe on Mac features 55 levels of Pachinko-inspired, ball-bouncing, peg-busting mayhem. Unlike recent Mac ports like Guitar Hero III and GameTap, the release is Universal Binary, meaning it's compatible with Intel Macs, as well as older Power PC Macs.

Also releasing today for the Mac is Popcap's classic puzzle game Chuzzle, a match-three casual title originally released in 2005. Now all we need is Bookworm Adventures on the Mac and we'll be set for life.

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