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Rock Band Weekly: Radiohead, Weezer and The Pretenders


Or: Radiohead and let the Pretenders know they're none the Weezer.

Clearly, it's a worthless struggle to bring the bands providing this week's downloadable Rock Band content together in one place. Not even Harmonix dared to assemble a catch-all track pack, only offering the three new tunes individually on the Xbox Live Marketplace and -- beginning Thursday -- the PlayStation Network.

Individual songs
  • My Iron Lung -- Radiohead (160 MS Points / $2)
  • Buddy Holly -- Weezer (160 MS points / $2)
  • Brass in Pocket -- The Pretenders *Cover* (160 MS Points / $2)
You'll find videos of the songs after the break, along with our lingering curiosity as to what content next week will bring, if any.

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