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TUAW Buyers Guide: Christmas Reading

Nik Fletcher

I, like Christina, am a bit of a book lover - especially over the festive season. Normally found looking through a formidable library of books, what better way to stave off the pre-Macworld hype (at least for a few hours) than a relevant book. Unlike reader Matt Holland, who chose to use his MacBook as a reader (possibly some sideways-reading with ComicBookLover?), I'm going to be sticking to books of the printed realm. Christina's recommendations for a few books can be found here.

Revolution in the Valley: The Insanely Great Story of How The Mac Was Made

Long-serving Apple fans are no-doubt aware of the website - home to the anecdotes of how the original Mac came into being - but others may be intrigued to know that the site's collation of stories served as the collection point for this particular book. At just under 300 pages (including full-page copies of design notes from the early eighties) it's a particularly nice gift, hardcover and all. Sure, you can get to the website and read the stories, but as a gift? It's a no-brainer - especially at $16 from Amazon (UK Price: £11).

iCon: The Greatest Second Act in the History of Business

Whilst covering more than simply this past decade of Steve Jobs' life, this infamous book covers the much-famed second intersection of Apple and Steve Jobs fortunes. Not always flattering of Steve, it's a fascinating read - and now goes into the Pixar / Disney dealings after being updated. There's plenty of Steve Jobs books, yet this remains one of my favourite. $16 from Amazon (UK Price: £11).

Mac OS X Leopard: The Missing Manual

David Pogue, the New York Times' utterly brilliant Technology columnist, is a hero of ours here at TUAW HQ (currently located somewhere near the South Coast of England). World renowned for bringing us delights such as 'iPhone: The Musical', he's been busy at work with the Missing Manual for Leopard. If you're in need of a Leopard reference book, or tutorial book, I'd heartily recommend this latest edition. $24 from Amazon (UK Price: £15)

Options: The Secret Life of Steve Jobs

Admission: I've not read this one. But come Christmas Day, I hope there's a copy waiting for me! Fake Steve needs little introduction. Supposedly a world-famous CEO (I mean, he 'invented the friggin' iPhone. Have you heard of it?'), oPtion$ (as the book's cover goes) tells the fictional story of how Fake Steve handled, or otherwise, the stock backdating scandal. Laughes are guaranteed. $15 from Amazon (U.K. Price: £11)

Cocoa Programming for Mac OS X (Second Edition)

Written by Aaron Hillegass, this is perhaps the book for developers new to Cocoa and Objective-C. In case you're wondering why this is such a seminal book, Hillegass was 'senior trainer and curriculum developer' at NeXT as well as working at Apple before heading to Big Nerd Ranch to teach their Cocoa course. Whilst an exceptional gift for the coder-types out there: a word to the wiser that the 3rd edition is due in mid-2008, so do bear that in mind. $31.50 from Amazon (U.K. Price: £18).


There's a plethora of Apple-related books available, so if you've got a favourite to share that's not in the short-list here, let us know in the comments! Note: Today is the last day for standard Amazon delivery, so act quickly if you're wanting to order! We've even made sure all the books mentioned are currently available for delivery before December 24th.

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