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Vertu Constellation, now in Mixed Metal flavor

Chris Ziegler

Stainless steel, gold -- how is one exceptionally well-to-do individual to decide? Now one doesn't have to, all thanks to Vertu's Mixed Metal edition of the Constellation. While lacking the 3G data of its Ascent Ti cousin, the Constellation at least has the common decency to rock four bands of GSM reception plus EDGE data, giving users at least a fleeting hope of exploiting the phone's customized version of S40 to its fullest. Then again, virtually anyone within Vertu's target demo couldn't care less about the radio or the operating system; in this rarified air, it's all about the preciousness of the metals, and this particular version of the Constellation seems to deliver by mixing in gold accents (real gold, naturally) with the stainless steel theme. Interested parties should tap their Swiss accounts or prepare to sell their souls, firstborns, or some combination therewith.

[Via Sybarites, thanks JW]

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