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Vodafone Germany rolls out Ericsson's eco-friendly cell equipment

Chris Ziegler

For Ericsson and for the world at large, the company's new Base Transceiver Station Standby feature means a possible reduction of 1 million tons of carbon dioxide emissions if the software upgrade were to be rolled out globally. For Vodafone Germany, it represents a power savings of 10 to 20 percent -- and therefore an energy bill 10 to 20 percent lower -- and while we reckon that's not quite as scrupulous a reason, it's still a win / win situation as far as we're concerned. The so-called BTS Standby upgrade is compatible with Ericsson tower equipment manufactured since 1995, giving hope that it could end up seeing fairly rapid and widespread acceptance across the world's GSM carriers, inching us toward Ericsson's lofty CO2 emission reduction claim. Don't suppose Vodafone would want to go with some of those tower tubes while they're at it, would they?

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