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Christmas comes early: Free Folklore add-on pack available this week

Chris Powell

With just a few days before Christmas, Game Republic and SCEA are getting in the holiday spirit by offering a free Folklore add-on pack this week. The free download via the PlayStation Store includes two new winter-themed outfits for Ellen and Keats, a new quest called "Holy Night Visitor" for Keats and an entirely new Folk named Grab Bag.

Ellen sports a new red snow-bunny outfit with matching earmuffs, while Keats' new outfit consists of a white trench coat and a holiday themed beanie and sweater. Ellen is sure to get Mrs. Claus jealous with her sweet red snow-bunny outfit complete with the earmuffs.

This is a gracious offering from Game Republic, and we can only hope that it might pique a few gamer's interest enough to go out and buy this great game.

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