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Guildwatch: Holiday wishes

Mike Schramm

Dear Greatfather Winter: Next year, we here at Guildwatch would like a year overflowing with drama. May all the high progression guilds break up under their own weight, may people take virtual loots way too seriously, and may each and every guildleader think they're the king of the world just because they got a bunch of virtual avatars to click the "Accept" button instead of the other one. We can't think of anything better than a year full of ninjas, drama, and guild breakups to fill this column with.

Oh, and all the children of the world to join hands in a spirit of harmony and peace. You know, that crap about the kids.

For this week's dosage of drama, downed news, and recruiting notices, click the link below. GW will be off next week for the Christmas holiday, but we'll be back in two weeks, so send us your tips right now!


  • Wyrm from EU Bladefist says he wants to apologize to his guild-- they probably think he's a ninja. He joined a little while back, and went with them to Karazhan, even winning Light's Justice (with a roll of +1 over a Druid). Unfortunately, he then shipped off to university, and found that they had banned all online gaming. He apologizes to his guild-- he's not really a ninja, just unlucky.
  • Dispoable Heroes on Dunemaul-A has been disposed of-- after switching to a "loot council" system, they had a huge split, and a bunch of guildies jumped off to form The Blind Swordsmen. I like this line: "Follow who you trust." And look at all that text! Handing out loot? You guessed it-- serious business.
  • More Kalimdor's Legion/Greatly Exaggerated drama (are you guys tired of this stuff yet). Moonshot of KL said he didn't want to be called anonymous, and also says that it's wrong for GE to think that any of those changes on WoWWiki were KL's fault. Even though GE is a transfer guild, says Moonshot, he still likes seeing progression on either faction. Even if the changes were a KL member, that's not how the whole guild feels. Awww, so maybe they'll make up.
  • Novus on Bonechewer had their GL, Hotty, up and ninja'd the guild bank and transfer away. Good times.
  • And here's another one: Element on Ysera had someone create an alt that was one letter off from the GL's name, and claimed to be an alt. He got access to the bank, and nabbed it all. Gotta be careful out there, folks.
  • The Bladefist forums exploded with anti-Vindication hate-- after they downed Solarian and Al'ar for server firsts, people turned it into a hatefest, even posting pics of the GM AFK'ing in Alterac Valley. Why all the aggro? Could it in fact be a personal vendetta?
  • Fate on EU Stormrage-A kidnapped the Orgimmar flightmaster and demanded a ransome of 2000g and a bevy of troll females. When their demands were not met, they killed him. But the good news is that while the newbs in Org were waiting for his return, there was a party-- and nearly naked Blood Elves attended. Nice!
  • The Alliance over on Moon Guard also struck cross-faction, by raiding Silvermoon City and toppling most of the aristocrats. Looks fun!
  • Game Theory on Blackhand-A is led by Mallius (never heard of him, but seems like quite a guy), and they've just finished off both Kael and Rage Winterchill. Grats!
  • V E N D E T T A on Laughing Skull was able to one-shot Mag on their second night only of attempts. Nice job! They're also recruiting a holy pally, a prot pally, and a holy priest.
  • Saisho on Boulderfist downed HKM on their first night starting up 25 man raids again, and we hear that Gruul is on notice. They're also recruiting, and looking for Prot Warriors, Holy Paladins, Holy Priests and Resto Druids.
  • Fugazi on EU Shattered Hand recently started Karazhan (better late than never, though), and dropped Attumen. Maiden got to 53% and they've got Moroes on the docket after that.
  • Our friends in Kung Foo Monkey Badgers on EU Runetotem downed Prince on their second attempt, and they're still looking for a few good Priests, if you happen to be one.
  • Minority of EU Twisting Nether-A have downed Vashj for the first time after a couple of long wipenights. Kael'thas is next on the menu.
  • Last Hope on EU Gul'dan has made it through the drama and downed Lurker, Hydross, and Magtheridon, all while clearing Karazhan, Gruul's, and Zul'Aman in between. Rad.
  • Foundation on Dentarg is also doing some one-shotting lately: they one-shotted HKM and Gruul, and then two shotted Magtheridon.
  • The Twenty Third Patrol (and their allies) on EU Steamwheedle Cartel has cleared Karazhan all the way up through Netherspite. And they did the Prince with 9 men after their Druid dropped to the very first Enfeeble/Nova in the fight.
  • Cynosure on Altar of Storms battled the forces of Darkness in the Black Temple (and the struggle to find raiders on a PvP server), and server first killed Illidan. Grats!
  • Lucidity on Thorium Brotherhood-A downed Karathress for an Alliance first! Grats!
  • Rolling with my Gnomies on Suramar just dropped Akil'zon (along with a few groups of Kara. Jan'alai is on notice, and Gruul's is in their sights as well.
  • GDisband on Lothar-A (winner of this week's Best Guild Name award) downed Solarian, Leotheras, and Tidewalker all in the same week. Grats!
  • Modus Operandi on Sentinels-A downed Leotheras with only four guildies left standing. Talk about a nail-biter.
  • Unrated on Nagrand-H finished off Kael for a Horde server second. Woot.
  • Malevolence on Bloodscalp-H downed Hydross, Loot Reaver and Magtheridon, all in one week. Leo the Blind is on notice.
  • Malleum Majorum on Lightning's Blade-A finally (they say) got 25 people together and took out HKM. Grats!
  • The Crimson Knights on Aerie Peak spent about two hours trying to down Shade of Aran, and finally, on the last try, finished him off with 6 standing.
  • The Empire Strikes Back on Dath'remar-H suffered through a phase 4 to phase 5 transition bug on Kael, but ended up downing him just the same. Rock on. They're also recruiting a Protadin (or a prot Warrior), and a Holy Priest
  • Bank Alts United on Baelgun-H is recruiting "any and all level 1 bank alts." I'm not sure what exactly you do with a bank alt guild (buy a big guild bank?), but there you go.
  • The Seventh Flight on EU Argent Dawn are seeking some Warlocks to help them with Alar, Vashj, and Kael.
  • Dread Council on Kil'jaeden-H is recruiting for a second Karazhan team and beyond. "No DKP, no drama" is their motto.
  • Nethermore on Feathermoon is looking for folks to fill out a second Kara team of their own. They're specifically seeking healers, but anyone interested in a casual Kara run is welcome.
  • The Foundation on Mannoroth-H downed Gruul this last weekend, and they're still looking for a few good healers.
  • Guardians of the Night on Whisperwind-A is a late-night (start time of 11:30 server) guild recruiting warlocks, healers and tanks of all sizes and flavors. Even gnomes. They're just starting out in SSC, and are a mature guild with an emphasis on minimal drama, a commitment to learning new content and a realization that real life comes first.
  • Templar Knights of Shandris-A not only just downed Shade, but they're also recruiting levels 20-70 to fill up a second Karazhan group and move into endgame raiding.
That's it for this week's GW-- see you in two! Until next time, happy raiding and happy holidays!

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