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HP rolls out laptop updates aplenty


As we've seen before, HP doesn't beat around the bush when it comes to updating its laptops, and it's now gone all out once again with its latest round of updates, rolling out upgrades for no less than eight of its Pavillion models. Those include the 14.1-inch dv2700t, dv2700tbw, and dv2700tse models, the 15.4-inch dv6700z, dv6700t, and dv6700tse units, and the 17-inch dv9700t and dv9700z, each of which replace the earlier, similarly-numbered models in their respective lines. While the majority of the specs apparently remain largely unchanged, each laptop will be getting some beefed-up graphics, including a NVIDIA 8400M GS card with 128MB of RAM on the 14.1-inch models, a slightly better 256MB version on the 15.4-inch laptops, and NVIDIA 8600M GS graphics with a full 512MB of RAM on the 17-inchers. What's more, each model is also now available with a Blu-ray reader / DVD burner drive, although that can of course be left out if you're looking to save a few bucks.

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