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Intel to delay Yorkfield chips because of AMD's struggles?

Nilay Patel

Chalk this one up to wild unsubstantiated rumor, but Digitimes is reporting that Intel may hold off on launching its 45nm quad-core Yorkfield chips -- which were supposed to hit on January 20th -- because it's not facing any threat from AMD's delayed Phenom chips, and launching now would just eat into existing 65nm chip sales. That means we wouldn't see the Core 2 Quad Q9300, Q9450, or Q9550 until Intel feels the heat from AMD, which seems like a pretty timid strategy for a company whose former CEO's motto was "Only the paranoid survive." Add in the fact that a certain fruit company is rumored to be launching new Mac Pros with some version of 45nm Penryn chips next month, and we're really not feeling this one, but only time will tell.

[Via The Inquirer]

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