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Name change fun from PvP Online...

Zach Yonzon

PvP Online by Scott Kurtz, who is a World of Warcraft player -- he plays a troll Shaman named after his comic's resident troll -- and GM of the progressive Panda Attack guild on Dark Iron, had this interesting strip last Saturday (Those slippery strips got past us! Arr!). In it, Brent takes advantage of the recently introduced paid name change feature in WoW to, uh, fiddle with Francis' characters.

The paid name changes have been available for all realms for some time now, and although we haven't heard of anything really bad happening, PvP Online puts a different spin on the matter. Have you ever seen any player with a name you'd like to change? What if you had the power (or, *cough*, account access) to change a player's name, what would you do? Would it make for a great practical joke? Or better yet, would justice be served? I can think of a few names that could, um... benefit... from the service. The legions of Legolas (or Legolaas, Leggolas, etc.) Night Elf Hunters or all the Blood Elves named Sephiroth (or Sefiroth, Sephirot... you get the idea), for starters. Seems like a nice Winter Veil present, actually.

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