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Pachter: GTA IV is not a Take-Two panacea


Take-Two might be seeing improved financials, but Wedbush Morgan analyst Michael Pachter is tapping the brakes if the company thinks Grand Theft Auto IV is going to drive profits and be a "panacea" for all its ills. Giving GameDaily some fancy financial math, Pachter lays out that Take-Two management is operating in a fantasy world if they think their profit forecasts are credible. Pachter goes on to say that Take-Two still receives a "Sell" rating and questions if management is even capable of turning the company around.

He then plunges the dagger deep into Take-Two management not only over fiscal issues, but basic management. He believes they are sincerely trying to turn the company around, which continues to operate at a loss, but that they have "not managed a business like this one in an environment like this." He doesn't understand why there weren't staff reductions after the "abysmal performance" of All-Pro Football -- especially with EA having the NFL in its pocket. Pachter believes investor confidence in Take-Two is unfounded and reminds the company had a cumulative operating loss of $450 million between Feb. '05 and Jan. '08. He concludes that investors and management have "overconfidence in the performance of GTA IV."

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