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World of WarCrafts: Healing Potion Punch

Maureen Carter

Every Wednesday World of WarCrafts features a recipe that shows you how to make own real life version of in-game recipes and items.

In the spirit of upcoming Christmas Winter Veil parties I thought that a drink might be a needed component. Now the drinks in WoW aren't exactly something you would want to serve at a party, Refreshing Spring Water, Ice Cold Milk and Moonberry Juice don't seem very....... festive to me. BUT! What about Healing Potions? Now hear me out. There has to something about those things if you have to wait two minutes to drink them.

So, to that end I decided to create Healing Potion Punch.

Healing Potion Punch

48 oz Moonberry Juice
3/4 cup of Sweet Nectar
1 cup lime juice
2 liter bottle of Sprite, ginger ale or other clear soda

Mix the juices in a punch bowl and mix well. Add soda slowly so as not to let it overflow. To serve add ice and Terokkar Chokeberrys if desired. Enjoy!

To make a Volatile Healing Potion Punch add your favorite alcoholic beverage.

Translation key:

Moonberry Juice- Hawaiian Punch or other red fruit punch
Sweet Nectar- frozen pineapple juice concentrate
Terokkar Chokeberrys- frozen strawberries or raspberries

What do you get the gamer who has everything? We've got a few ideas in our WoW holiday gift guide!

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