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Calling Canada, what's your Rock Band situation?


Today was supposed to be the big Rock Band launch in Canada, and from what we're hearing in our tips box it ain't goin' so smoothly up there. Irate parents and upset gamers are telling us that no stores around their areas have received shipments, and current estimates from retailers push the actual release into next year. So, what's the frequency Canada?

We know what the official line is from MTV/Harmonix, but we're going straight to the citizens of Canada to tell us what the scoop is. Oh noble Canucks (even the non French Canadian kind), call around your area and leave a comment below with your location, what stores you called, and if the stores have supplies or an ETA on shipments. At this point we just want to know if this is a vocal minority issue or if Canada has been left out in the cold.

[Thanks to everyone who sent this in. Please use the comment thread here with updates if you can]

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