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DirecTV surveys HDTV owners on favorite shows

Steven Kim

If you're going to center your business model around providing the most HDTV content, it makes sense to find out what content is pulling people in, right? That's what DirecTV set out to determine when they commissioned a poll of 400 HDTV owners. We wish they would have drawn a larger sample, but the results show that there's compelling HD for everybody. "Heroes" and "Desperate Housewives" grabbed the top slots for best TV show, the latter boosted by a large female viewership. Not surprisingly, better-than-the-real-thing HD football was cited as the sport most enhanced by HD. But nature lovers edged out sports fans to move Discovery's HD Theater ahead of ESPN HD as the most amazing channel to watch. It's encouraging to see that HDTV is moving mainstream -- now we just want more of the good stuff!

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